Thursday, April 28, 2016

A page from the quote book....

"Are we there yet."
"Can we just stay here, in this know, and not go home?"
"Can we go back to the park?"
"No matter how much fruit you eat, that is not a breakfast."

"Are we there yet."
"Advertising is everything."
"Don't call me Yellow Beard."
"I really just argue with Ryan."

"I've decided to try everything."
"Yeah, I could help you with that cake."
"I never thought I'de be in the South America."
"Food is more engaging when you eat in a foreign place.

"Let's not talk about this ever again."
"Man, I love me some cathedral."
"I ate like 60 grams of chicken protein. Good meal."
"That book is bound in human skin. What's wrong here?"

"I will talk about my poop all of the time."
"I"m not going to sleep anyway, do you want to split a coke?"
"Bonjour, hola, good morning. The boy's room smells... rancid."

"Humanity is messy."
"I'm a chair"
"So, senior project..."

"There was a chicken foot in my soup."
"It is cool that I can look over everyone's heads all the time here."
"The bus was... interesting."

"I'm not going to, but you should totally poop on the airplane."
"I could live on mangos."
"Everyone's mother talks about how much they like Nolen. It's weird."

"I a-Peru-ve of your decision."
"The trick is to make a lot of bad puns. They the  mediocre ones sound great."

"No, my mother did not get me a rape whistle. I got me a rape whistle."
"No, these German guys actually worship the devil, but they are so polite."
"I can function without coffee,  just not well.

"I'm Nolen's protector now. Awesome."
"Shut up your face."
"This rock star is ready for bed."

"Ok, so who has the map?"
"I don't want to poop on an airplane."
"We have eleven students. Eleven."
"Are there sweet potatoes?"

"Thank you in advance for giving me reasons not to 'forget' you at this park."
"I don't dart."
"So, did you poop yet?"
"I don't know what you're eating, but put some in my mouth, please."
"Now what did we learn?"


  1. Nolen, please try the "tongue" that I saw hanging in the butcher's window in Lila"s pic! You Stated that you were going to try everything! Connor, try going barefoot and crouch a little, you may blend in better. You are having great weather, enjoy!!

    Jeff G

    1. Map engineer latitude longitude Decision maker. Definitely a precise decision maker. Blend in is neutral, tongue hanging is a request for entry. For one alone. Safe and fun travels Compass. Love you Birdy

  2. These are great! Great photos, too!

  3. These are great! Great photos, too!