Saturday, April 30, 2016

Arequipa! A few musings on our days.


I've enjoyed people watching and listening to people's conversations.

I've had a good day. That's all. I like Arequipa. It
reminds me of Boston. I don't like the traffic.

Today was our second day in Arequipa. We started the day off by going on a walking tour around the colonial district of the city. My favorite part was trying the "cheese ice cream" and going to an old cathedral with a lot of old art work. The rest of the day I napped until dinner and then went out for pizza. It was really good pizza.

Today was so amazing. This city is beautiful! I really appreciate how close everything is to our hostel. I'm also so appreciative of all of the locals who have tried their best to accommodate us.

I have been really enjoying the freedom in finding food, even when my Spanish completely fails and there are tons of miscommunication. I have been learning to not be ashamed, but instead taking it as a step in my learning.


I have enjoyed the city of Arequipa. Yesterday we ate at a restaurant and it was great. It was probably one of the better restaurants we have been to on the trip. I enjoy the weather here. It is less humid than Lima and even sunnier than Lima. The hostel in Arequipa is nicer than the one in Lima too. I spent more time at this hostel and one thing I like better is that it has more amenities. Arequipa is cleaner and less noisy, which I prefer to the more crowded Lima. However, I really enjoyed the beach in Lima, which Arequipa does not have.

My favorite moments in the last couple days were the many times I walked through the city and looked down a narrow cobblestone street and it made me stop and say, "wow".

Today I sat upon the rooftop of the hostel, gazing upon the  mountains, listening to the sounds of the chattering, buzzing city. I couldn't understand where the musical dinging sound of the ice cream truck was coming from until I looked down into the street and realized--it was a dump truck.

One thing I noticed was that because of Arequipa's remote location, some things seem more scarce or have a smaller selection.

I haven't left this bathroom all day. I'm bummed I've been missing the city. I hear it is nice.

I enjoyed talking with my fellow hostel guests, each with their own unique and diverse story.  We all came from different parts of the world and took wildly different paths in our lives, yet we all share a similarity--this convergence in Arequipa.

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