Monday, April 25, 2016

Day 1

As the sun rose on Lima our adventurers woke cheery-eyed and excited to start the day.  Ryan and Alec went on an early morning run, scouting out the city streets for the first time, while the rest of the team took turns showering off our travel grime.  Rick walked to a local market and returned to the hostel, arms full of bread, eggs, and fruit.  Kestrel began scrambling eggs while the rest of the team broke into the passion fruit, a first for many of the students, and took turns slurping its delicious seeds.
After a wonderful breakfast we quickly began cleaning up, working as a team to wash all our dishes.  By the time we were ready to start exploring, the hostel plaza, which had been covered in avocado skins and mango juice a moment earlier, looked better than we'd found it.  We left the hostel with our bags packed light, the rest of our gear locked safely in our rooms, and headed deep into Lima's business district.  Our first stop was a two-story supermarket where we stocked up on bottled water.  From there, we headed towards a large indoor and outdoor market full of small shops and vendors selling everything from touristy knick-knacks to fresh fruit to meat being butchered in front of us.
Once we'd finished exploring the market we settled down at a small restaurant for a delicious and filling lunch.  We then headed towards the promenade which overlooked the beach.  We spent our afternoon wandering up and down the promenade's walkway, watching the surfers and hangliders swoop around us.
We eventually made our way back to the hostel where we rested before heading out once again to find dinner.  After a few tries to find food that worked with our price range we stumbled upon a chinese resteraunt playing Peruvian soap operas.  It was an instant hit.  With bellies full of rice and noodles we slowly walked back to the hostel, our legs finally feeling the work we'd put them through.  Most of us made it home just in time to collapse in our beds, but a few brave souls made one final excursion to the beach to see the stars.  I, however,  decided my legs were done for the night.  While the rest of the group was either in bed or on the beach, I sat in the muted evening light of the hostel plaza and wrote this.
-James West


  1. Sounds like a great first day ! Enjoy !!

  2. How did the Peruvian Chinese food compare to the American Chinese food we're used to?