Friday, April 29, 2016

Travel for me is a lot about perspective. The perspective that while I'm travelling, it doesn't matter what the consistency of my hair is or the cuteness of my butt happens to be at the moment. The perspective that all of the little things I spend the majority of my time at home worrying about simply don't matter when I'm looking at houses made out of tin and sticks in the middle of a desert. Here what really matters is not that this pair of shorts in the store is super cute, it's that I remembered to apply sunblock in the last 4 hours. It's important that I am one of the only ones in my group with enough experience with the language to communicate with a taxi driver, or let my fellow travellers know what their options to eat are, or yes, with what frequency I'm pooping. When travelling, all of the logistics and chaos of getting to know a new place make everything seem so much more complicated, but the state of mind that I'm in is so much more simple.

Before I left, my mom told me that travel brings out the best and the worst in everyone, and maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit in saying this, but so far, the "worst" hasn't been terribly bad. The "worst" has been vastly diminished in comparison with the closeness we get by having to navigate a new city together, being crammed into a bus packed with Peruvians and having to hold onto your neighbors tight to prevent the both of you from sitting on the lap of an unsuspecting Peruvian, getting up in the wee hours of the morning to select the best of the fruit for the rest of us, and most importantly, going on a group-wide adventure to satisfy my need for a churro. So overall, my hair may be waxy, my pits may be smelly, and my shorts may feel frumpy, but I'm feeling very good about where my mind is.


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